Website Maintenance


Your website needs to be updated regularly to ensure full functioning and optimisation.


Core updates to ensure that the website is operating on the latest version – this keeps the website current with security enhancements, new features and fixes for potential errors.


Component updates – content is created with a number of components (e.g. blog, chat, forms, etc.) that need to be updated for optimum functioning.


Security updates to latest version- the website has security installed to protect against unauthorised access.


Website backup – images, core, components, website template, custom coding, etc.


Database backup – content, articles, custom settings, etc.


Content maintenance
Publishing of images, text and adding new pages, components, modules and plugins to enhance the content display of the website.


Checking for and replacing non-functioning, obsolete or outdated components, modules or plugins.


Checking for comment abuse for the Blog articles and forms.


Monitoring website and blocking enquiry form spam.


Fixing errors and facilitating authorised users with queries and tasks relating to the current operations of the website.



content maintenance




Are you hassling with your website updates?