Are Online Directories Outdated?

Are Online Directories Outdated?

What is an online directory? Online Directory refers to a web search tool that lists your company’s information in certain groupings or category for the user’s convenience. A good example of this would be A couple of years ago there was a huge rise in directories just like this and everyone submitted their company details to as many directories as they possibly could. But in the online world today are these listings still relevant and how much do they actually benefit your search results on search engines like Google?

Think of the online world as one big spider’s web. The spider at the center of his web representing your company’s website, and everywhere the web attached itself your online footprint. The more web you have attached online, the better the spider’s chances of catching that fly. In the same way it will benefit your company to have listings with many online directories, but there is a catch! (Or a snag in your spider’s web)

If your company is listed on a website directory that hardly gets any traffic, it won’t benefit you at all.

If the website where you have your listing practises *black hat SEO, you could be penalized alongside this website by the search engines.

* Black hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus only on search engines and not a human audience, and usually does not obey search engines guidelines.

Is your listing on this web directory updated regularly?

So what is the solution?

Before you add your company details to any online directory ask them first for an analytics report about their website traffic.

Do some searching yourself and see if this website comes up in any of your searches. (Related searches obviously)

Visit this website yourself to see if it is user friendly, easy on the eye and of course mobile friendly.

Quality above quantity.

The New Online Public Relations (PR)

For even better results enquire from this directory if they allow any guest blogging. This is by far a better way to get good search results and your chances to be found online will increase with every blog you submit to the various online directories.

Write articles that people will find interesting to read, relevant to your industry. Good articles are exclusive opinion pieces featuring the how to’s, articles about industry issues, views, news, trends. Generally these directories will allow a by-line with a two-to-three sentence bio on the writer, including contact details, social media links and a portrait picture. If they receive opinion pieces on a regular basis, they might create a permanent profile for the author.

Read More about Online PR

If you feel that blogging really isn’t your forte or you just can’t see yourself having the time. Contact usfor our Online PR and Blogging Services.

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