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conversion funnelGoogle and Social Media are swiftly bringing us into a new era of marketing. Companies and brands are given credibility by their social media accounts, posts and followers.

Websites need to be seen online but static sites are loosing ground rapidly to sites that regularly publish articles and have a social media footprint.

We are now truly in the information age where websites are judged by their Content, the quality of their information and their associated social media presence.

Our approach to Online Marketing will give you the Advantage.

Benefits of Online Marketing

  • It is Affordable – compared to other forms of marketing and advertising, online marketing gets your message out at a fraction of the cost
  • It is Effective – “before Google there was memory” online marketing targets internet users, builds relationships with customers, provides fast results and can be tailored to specific markets.
  • It is Measurable – Tracking your Website and Blog Traffic; Social Media Growth, Response and Interactions; Newsletter Campaigns with Subscriber activity and demographic analytics; Facebook Promotions and Google Adwords Cost per Click.

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