You need a Website that Works for you

You need a Website that Works for you

We’ve been talking for a while now about Google’s new Algorithm that was implemented in April this year. Basically to recap, when a person does any search in Google, the giant search engine will favour websites that are mobile friendly. And of course since more than 80% of internet users own a smart phone it makes total sense.



What does it mean to have a mobile friendly website? It really means that your website needs to be responsive, adapting to the various screen sizes of mobile devices. With a responsive website your business can be in front of potential clients 24 hours of the day. At home on their smartphone, on the road on their smartphone or laptop, at work on their desktop, you get the picture.



The next thing you need is a website that is easy to navigate, and simple in layout so that your prospective client can find what they need at a glance. Call-to-action buttons in strategic places so that your customers always know what to do next. Think of them as shop assistants. If a shop assistant sees a customer wandering about the floor they will immediately approach this customer and ask a question like “Can I help you find something?”, and again when they see a customer, arms loaded with goods but looking about aimlessly, they will approach and point out the check-out station. In the same way your call-to-action buttons need to lead your potential customers through to the final step .. the sale.



We’ve also been hammering on about Blogging and the importance of adding fresh content to your website regularly. Not only is this good for Search Engine Optimisation, but this also makes you a thought leader in your field, builds trust with customers and places you top of mind. Write for your audience, give value and use the right keywords. The article title is the most important in capturing your audience’s attention as well as placing you well for Google searches.



Post by email makes blogging even simpler. If you’ve got fresh content or a thought that just can’t wait, you can post to your blog by email. This is a great shortcut for blogging from any device without logging into your site. And of course it is brilliant for someone that feels they lack the knowledge to post their own blogs to their website.



Don’t wait for Google to find you – once you have written your blog, posted it by email, you need to get the message out there. Set up your website in such a way that all your blog posts will automatically be posted to your social media. Social media is a great avenue for lead generation and acquiring new customers. The most important thing to remember, is that you want to direct your visitors to your own website, where they can view all your products/services, click on your call-to-action button, and make contact, or make that sale.


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Is your Website Mobile friendly?

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