Improve your search engine ranking and Generate more Leads

Improve your search engine ranking and Generate more Leads

When was the last time a lead was generated by your website or you checked the Analytics Report for your website? Or compared the report results for similar periods or to the same period last year? Are your search results climbing or slipping? The chances are good that they are slipping rather than steadily climbing.
Competition for good ranking positions (to generate quality website contacts) is fierce and if you are not producing fresh content, engaging your visitors and tweaking your website for optimal user experience, you will be steadily losing ground in the search engine rankings and generating fewer leads.

But that is not all as despite being an enthusiastic content creator your website may still be getting overlooked by the search engines. What is important for good search engine rankings?

Optimising your content for good SEO

Creating content is a challenge, especially good content that your visitors will find engaging and useful. But despite all the best efforts if your content is not written with SEO in mind it won’t get found in searches.

Good Practice for SEO article writing

  • A good title is important – short, catchy and in line with your article content.
  • Don’t repeat your keyword exactly; rather switch it up with variations, synonyms, and related words.
  • Have the main keyword in the article title and first paragraph and in one H2 heading tag.
  • Break the article up with H1, H2 and H3 heading tags, this allows people to skim your content and focus in on sections of interest.
  • Include images and use ALT tags and name your image properly, say concisely what the image is about.
  • Make sure the article snippet or meta description is attention grabbing and will draw visitors to your website to read the article.

OK, so your content is great but are you still losing ground in the search results?

The importance of having a mobile friendly website

Google has been very busy and is now 100% ready for the mobile revolution. Websites that are mobile friendly are now being favoured over websites that are not mobile ready. Why? well simply put, if a website does not display well on a mobile device, the user will exit sharply and find a similar website that is mobile friendly (your competition perhaps?).

Fast loading page speed

Having a mobile friendly website with some decent content is still not to enough to allow you to sit back and rake in the leads.  Page speed counts for a lot and if your content is bloated with adverts, unoptimised images, and videos or resource heavy slideshows, your website ranking will suffer as visitors are tracked leaving your website while the page is still trying to load on their device.

User-friendly experience

If your website qualifies with all of the above, then you have a good chance of generating more leads that you can convert. Unless of course, the visitor gets lost or confused as to what the next step is for their relationship with you and your website. If your content is not built with the visitor in mind, you will not be generating any quality leads from your visitor traffic.
Time spent on a website is measured by Google and so is the progress of the visitor through your website. But what if your visitor only reads the single page they landed on?
This can be good or bad depending on how much time was spent on your page, the more time the better. Also, they may have signed up for your newsletter on the same page, so you can set up some automation for your newsletter based on the page content to bring the visitor back again and again to your website and build on the relationship.  Otherwise, some re-marketing (paid advertising) can help bring a visitor back to your website.

Generating valuable new Leads

Obviously for most websites the objective is to lead the visitor down your sales funnel to purchase a product or make contact. So be mindful of creating an easy to navigate, fast loading, mobile-friendly website with the next step clearly visible to guide the visitor through your website.

Need a website that is a lean, mean, lead generating machine?

The Marketing Company creates visually stunning websites that are SEO Optimised, mobile ready, user-friendly and will deliver results that will take your business further.

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