Online Marketing Case Study – What Works?

Online Marketing Case Study - What worked for Company ABC Do you have a plan or are you just drifting downwards? Your online presence matters because people search for products and services online. If you want to be ahead of...
Online Marketing Case Study – What Works?

Online Marketing Case Study – What worked for Company ABC

Do you have a plan or are you just drifting downwards?

Your online presence matters because people search for products and services online. If you want to be ahead of your competitors then you need to have a better online presence than they do. The good news is that you can achieve this with a bit of online strategising and some effort. We’ve looked at a case study from one of our clients to show you how this can be done.

First, we investigated Company ABC’s current online visibility.

Company ABC didn’t have a mobile-friendly website, no notable website traffic growth and not much happening on the social media side and no email marketing. A good start then, defiantly something to work with!

Getting Mobile Friendly

Google is now indexing websites on a mobile-first basis, which means that if your website is not mobile-friendly then it will probably no longer be seen on Google search.

This was our top priority. Making sure Company ABC has a website that is user-friendly, easy to navigate and with call-to-actions (CTA’s), placed strategically, to keep their visitors’ interest and on their website for longer, and moving their visitors down the sales funnel for lead generation and business growth.

Website Content

If your website traffic has flatlined then you won’t be found on Google search. We looked at the top performing competition for Company ABC on Google searches and noted the keywords and descriptions in place. Google Adwords also has a keyword planner tool that can help you pick out the best keywords for your market.

Google Keyword Planner

Armed with the right keywords we then brought that into the content of their website. We also added additional content pages where required, for similar or grouped keyword phrases, and replaced content on weak pages with stronger content. Google Analytics will help you root out your best pages and weak pages.

Quick Tip: Pay attention to the difference between the impressions and clicks. High impressions with low clicks mean that the page is doing well in search results but is not attracting attention. Time to do some testing to get a better click-through rate. Play with your meta text (the text people see in the searches under your page link), and work it until you are getting a better click-through rate per impression.

Blogs or articles

Over the next few months, we continued adding fresh content to the website for Company ABC. Google likes to see websites that are being looked after. Most websites have a blog or section for articles covering their business, projects, frequently asked questions or anything else that a visitor can benefit from.

Quick Tip: Don’t stuff your website with loads of new content in a mad rush and then allow it to grind to a halt, rather keep adding content regularly per week or month. This way Google has some fresh content to index every time it comes to visit your website. The more often you add fresh content to your website, the more often Google will start paying your website a visit to index the new blog pages.

Tracking for Goals and Conversions

If it gets measured it improves – We set up goal tracking for Company ABC. Tracking contact actions (every time a visitor clicks on a contact number or email address), as well as tracking all contact form submissions. We also created content goals to measure how the visitors interacted with the website, for example viewing 3 pages or more and clicking on downloadable content.

Quick Note: For an eCommerce website, we would also track sales, add to carts, abandoned carts, etc.

Google Adwords and Paid Advertising

Now that Company ABC has had a content and website overhaul it was time to turn up the heat.

The quickest way to give your website a jump start on Google is with a Paid Advertising Campaign or Pay-per-click (PPC) or Google Adwords. With proper goal tracking in place, we can quickly see if your Ad Campaign is on target and generating quality inbound leads that will convert to sales.

To achieve a lower cost per click (CPC), that converts at a higher rate, it is better to create a specific landing page for your campaign on your website. This will also better ensure that your advert gets the top advert spot on Google search.

Quick Tip: Don’t let Google Adwords have free reign on deciding what to charge you per click, or you might find that you are getting charged excessive amounts per click that will run down your budget fast.  Rather use the keyword planner tool to find the best keywords and keyword phrases and work with the bid range.

Social SEO

Company ABC’s website was now ticking away with new regular content bringing in more visitors. Their Google adverts were sending more traffic to their website. It was time to do some social work. The fresh content on the website comes in handy to share on social media. Add to this some good quality regular posts that will build interest on your social platforms. For Company ABC we increased their social media engagement by 342% and page followers by 867% in less than 12 weeks.

Quick Tip: Don’t forget to invite people who liked your posts on Facebook or Instagram to follow your page. Start engaging with Facebook groups that have a similar interest than yours.

Email Marketing – Build a list and keep in touch

We love MailChimp and find their integrations a really easy way to build a good database of customers. We Integrated a subscriber capture to Company ABC’s website, with an automated response that instantly engages with the new subscriber, welcoming them and giving them some interesting info about the company.

MailChimp’s automation doesn’t stop there, it can be used to send birthday emails to subscribers, update your customers on specials and promotions. For eCommerce, the automation can pick up abandoned carts, send promotions about similar products the subscriber has shown interest in – all integrated with your website. Email marketing is a definite must-have CRM tool, keeping top-of-mind, and keeping your clients engaged.

And the results

Company ABC’s website traffic increased by 136% in the first month, by a further 29% in month two, and month three saw a further 35% increase. Compared to before our Online Marketing Campaign started, the overall traffic increased by 424%.




Let us help you increase your website traffic and grow your business.

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